Meet the Team

We are a diverse team of runners; here are some of our Team… everyone’s ability is different. But the key is, we are all supportive to one another and here to improve our health and well-being.

Mark Spence

Chair / Run Lead (LiRF) / Mental Health Champion / Promotions & Media

Jonathan Love

Friends of Savile Park Chair

Nicola O’Connor

Club Treasurer (pictured right)

Jaimie Farrand

Secretary / Membership Secretary

Mel Blackburn

Run Leader (LiRF) / Run Lead Co-ordinator

Matty Bell

Run Leader (LiRF) / Health & Safety Officer

Andy Wycherley

Run Lead (LiRF)

Emily Bellwood

Welfare & Safeguarding Officer & DBS verifier – Contact / First Aid lead

Mel Hutchinson

Run Lead (LiRF) / Welfare & Safeguarding Officer & DBS Verifier (pictured right) – Contact

Chris Smith

Run Lead (LiRF)

Sally Pickersgill

Mental Health Champion – Lead

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