Your membership:

  • Annual membership is £26, and runs up to 31st March 2023 to bring us in line with England Athletics membership period.
  • Membership includes being an Affiliated Athlete – with England Athletics, which we will arrange for you, (currently £16). Athlete registration goes to support England Athletics, and includes discounts off races; exclusive offers and discounts; competition eligibility. Just ask Jaimie or Mark for more details.
  • If you are affiliated with another club or wish not to be an affiliated athlete just want to be a social runner then the cost is only £10.
  • Unlike 2021-22 we will not be including a top in with the membership, but will periodically order kit, and will always look to keep prices a low as possible.
  • If you are looking for a t-shirt or vest etc. please ask as we may have some in stock.
  • Our running vest or t-shirt (subject to availability) – are from Scimitar Sports – on the left. Please check the size guide.
  • Savvy Shopper – As a club we are working with retailers to secure discounts for members – current discounts available for Proviz and SportsShoes. See link current discounts.
  • Funding and future events will be used to support the club and its members, as well as support charities and local community projects – keep an eye in the shop and social media for more! 🙂
  • Membership helps cover club costs include: Affiliation with England Athletics (EA); Coaching Courses; Welfare and Safeguarding Training and various checks etc.
  • Club Affiliation includes: Public Liability Insurance; discounted qualifications; access to various club programmes.
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